Tracy' Story

Dr. Tamer Seckin changed my life. For three years I pursued doctors in an effort to find the cause of a persistent pain in my abdomen.

Dr. Tamer Seckin changed my life. For three years I pursued doctors in an effort to find the cause of a persistent pain in my abdomen. Then I met Dr. Seckin. After my first meeting with Dr. Seckin, I felt confident that endometriosis was the cause of my pain and that I had finally met a doctor who understood what I had been suffering. I had the laparoscopic surgery three months later and my life was changed the minute I walked out of the hospital!
Dr. Seckin is not just a world re-known expert credited with developing ground breaking surgery for endometriosis, but he truly understands women’s health issues and is a leader in his field.


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My story with endometriosis begins 33 years ago when I was 16 years old.  I got my first period right before freshman year of high school at the age of 14.  I had mixed feelings as all of my friends had begun their periods already so I was happy to finally get mine and become a “woman”.  But I remember being so upset at having to wear pads and feeling inconvenienced.  If I only knew what lie ahead… Soon my periods became very heavy, filled with clots and bleeding that even overnight pads (sometimes two at a time) could not…


We have our life back.  During the last year of our lives I never thought I would utter those words.  Well, I just did and without you I would be fearful to know where my marriage and most importantly my wife would be.  I really am not sure where to begin.  I have been with the one whom my heart will always follow for the better part of 11 years.  She is the strongest most resilient person I have ever known who always can see the silver lining in any situation professionally as well as personally.  


"It's just you." One doctor told me while laughing. "Whatever makes you sleep at night", was another. This is when I asked for blood work and an ultrasound to make sure I was cyst free because of a prior surgery I had to removed one on my ovary. I was in and out of hospitals for 10 years. Always misdiagnosed. Hunched over in pain for hours and days. After years and years of pain, I took a step in the right direction.


My journey with endo started in childhood but I didn’t figure that out until I was in my thirties. I woke up one day when I was 8 years old with very swollen ankles. Doctors couldn’t figure out why and I learned to live with it. Then my periods start at age 11 and I was miserable from the start. I would miss school sometimes, be doubled over in the fetal position, etc. I tried the pill, but it didn’t help the pain and it made me moody. My periods continue to be horrid and finally at age 26, I…


I have been suffering with Endometriosis for many years, severe abdominal and back pain with my periods. Because of the heavy bleeding, I became very anemic, always feeling sick, several visit to the emergency room with no help. I have had 5 surgeries , Ovarian Cyst surgery every 2 years, I was tired, my body , my mind my entire being was exhausted from all this. I was so worried for my child and husband because i was so sick all the time. Then, I goggled best endometriosis doctor and Dr Seckin Name popped up, I read all his reviews…




  • Kim Molinaro

    Kim Molinaro

    Prior to meeting Dr. Seckin and reading his book, “The Doctor Will See You Now”, I knew little to nothing about endometriosis. I was led to believe that endometriosis was not a serious condition. I was told that the pain could be managed by taking the “pill”. I was told that the cysts on my ovaries were harmless. I was…

  • Rebecca Black

    Rebecca Black

    Fast forward 5 years to find out incidentally I had a failing kidney. My left kidney was only functioning at 18%. During this time, I was preparing all my documents to send to Dr. Seckin to review. However, with this new information I put everything on hold and went to a urologist. After a few months, no one could figure…

  • Monique Roberts

    Monique Roberts

    I'll never stop praising Dr. Seckin and his team. He literally gave me back my life.

  • Erin Brehm

    Erin Brehm

    I had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Seckin and his team before, during and after my surgery. I came to Dr. Seckin having already had laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis 5 years prior, with a different surgeon. My symptoms and pain had returned, making my life truly challenging and my menstrual cycle unbearable. Dr. Seckin was quick to validate my…

  • Anita Schillhorn

    Anita Schillhorn

    I came to Dr. Seckin after years of dealing with endometriosis and doctors who didn't fully understand the disease. He quickly ascertained what needed to be done, laid out the options along with his recommendation and gave me the time to make the right decision for me. My surgery went without a hitch and I'm healing very well. He and…