I realized that I should absolutely put myself in his very capable hands

I had known Dr. Seckin for years before I became his patient, some of my friends have been dealing with severe endometriosis for years, and it's because of them that I became a supporter of the EFA.  In August 2011, after having a period that lasted for six weeks I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid and it was recommended that I have surgery.  It was then that a friend urged me to see Dr. Seckin and have him do the surgery.  While I initially felt like my condition wasn't "severe" enough for someone of Dr. Seckin's expertise, I realized that I should absolutely put myself in his very capable hands.  
I can't say enough good things about my experience. My surgery took place in November, 2011 and Dr. Seckin and his staff were wonderful throughout the entire thing. Plus during my surgery Dr. Seckin found that I, too, had endometriosis, something that I doubt many other doctors without his level of experience could have detected. This made me realize that, while my suffering paled in comparison to that of my friends, I did have "killer cramps" and some of the other symptoms that I know are signs of endometriosis. My experience has served to strengthen my support of the EFA even further, so that other women can have awareness and get the treatment they need!


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