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Karen R.'s Story

I am very happy to recommend Dr. Tamer Seckin to any woman looking for a good gynecologist. I have been in Dr. Seckin’s practice for almost 10 years. I have received excellent skilled medical care and advice from him. There are two aspects of my absolute faith in Dr. Seckin. The first has to do with his skill, experience and high profile in the gynecological field. The second has to do with my personal tendency to minimize symptoms and be generally lax with myself about symptoms I should be more attentive to.

Regarding this first aspect, Dr. Seckin’s skills and qualifications, I can say from personal experience of two procedures, he knows what he is doing, he is a front-runner in the most advanced techniques in laparoscopic surgery and he is an authority on all aspects of gynecology. He answers questions seriously and fully. His manner is respectful and thorough.

As far as the second issue, my own tendency to downplay any symptoms I have with my menses and so on, it is clear to me that Dr. Seckin has helped me avoid complications with my health in the future. He has shown a thoroughness and vigilance that I have found exceptional compared to the other gynecologists I have gone to. I recommend Dr. Tamer Seckin wholeheartedly.

Patient Reviews

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