Surgery has greatly improved my quality of my life

My name is Kelly-Ann Fehling and I came into contact with Dr. Seckin in about June, 2009. I was looking for an endometriosis specialist. I have a long history of endometriosis. Endometriosis has been a very difficult and arduous problem in my life. I went undiagnosed for approximately 10 years. There were occasions where I had to leave work at the onset of a menstrual cycle because of severe, severe pain. It was to a point where at times I was hyperventilating and didn’t even know physically what was happening to me with the level of pain that I was experiencing. It affected my relationship with my husband because it was increasingly painful to share any kind of intimacy.

Mr. Fehling: Our relationship wasn’t what it was when we were younger, it changed. We weren’t as intimate as often.

Kelly-Ann Fehling: It was something that also emotionally puts a strain on the relationship because me not knowing what the problem was, and my husband not understanding what the problem was, we were both going down two separate paths. We did not really know that there really was a medical problem that could be dealt with or maybe, possibly, treated that would probably improve our quality of our life as a married couple.

I was told around the time that I was diagnosed in 2004 that the odds of having children were going to be very difficult. By the time I came into contact with Dr. Seckin, that was around the time that we were starting to think about having children. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Seckin that I had almost a renewed hope and a renewed interest in the fact that yes, I could have surgery, no, it was not a guarantee that I could have children. But it was a guarantee based on my feedback from Dr. Seckin that I would have a better quality of life.

Mr. Fehling: We had a lot of confidence in Dr. Seckin, he did a very good job with Kelly and he told us "three to six months" and Kelly would be pregnant.

Kelly-Ann Fehling: The result was that I got pregnant two months after my surgery.

Mr. Fehling: We are very, very happy about it. We couldn’t ask for more.

Kelly-Ann Fehling: That’s when my pregnancy was first detected at Dr. Seckin’s office. It has greatly improved my quality of my life. It has eliminated the obstacles during intimacy or the willingness to have intimacy as a couple. It has helped my husband to understand the underlying parts of the disease and how that actually affects a woman’s body; and not just the physical aspects of it but the emotional aspects of it. I think it has made both of us look at the situation a lot more differently being more educated about it, especially working with Dr. Seckin, than we were prior to working with Dr. Seckin.

With work, it really has not been an issue; it hasn’t been an issue for me since I had the surgery. I feel great and I think that it is really going to be a good road for me from here on in.

Kelly-Ann Fehling

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