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Anabela C.'s Story

I am 34 and when I was 21, I was told I had endometriosis. After 12 years of being treated by the same doctor and him performing unnecessary and countless laparoscopic surgeries to my body, I was told by him that there was nothing further he could do for me and he was running out of options. After the 6th or 7th laparoscopy to "rectify and fix the problem" he finally said that I needed to be seen by a specialist because he could no longer be of service or of any help to me.

After that he referred me to a specialist at Columbia Hospital which was absouletly unresponsive to my needs, my patient history (especially with seizures) but wanted to put me on a medication that would worsen the situation and possibly be detrimental to my health overall.

I was extremely distraut and disappointed at how dismissive how these doctors were to me and my case, which happens to be MY LIFE. That is when I took matters into my own hands and connected with Dr. Seckin, which I recalled reading online about his signigicant success rate with women who have difficult gynocological issues, mainly relating to endometriosis. So, I made an appointment for a consult and I was completely shocked at how super attentive he is with his patients and their needs and also at the fact that he took the time to listen to what the patient's concerns are and what was pertinent for a diagnostic treatment and/or solution.

This was something new to me because I always felt like I was "inconveniencing" my previous doctor and his staff. Dr. Seckin's staff could not have been more supportive, attentive and professional, and that was another thing that I had not actually experienced with my prior doctor. I always felt like I was inconveniencing them.

So after weighing in my options, I decided that the excision surgery was my best option. My surgery was Nov. 5, 2010 and to be completely honest, it was the best decision I ever made because I have never felt better than I do now. I am attempting to this testimony that the symptoms are barely there if any at all on some days. Every so often I'll get a sharp pain for a second or two but that does not even remotely compare to the dehabilitating pain I used to experience before which was so unbearable that it used to land me in a hospital ER. 

I believe Dr. Seckin works wonders because he has all the qualities that makes a wonder doctor and even more successful surgeon, he listens and communicates with his patients for the best treatment plan and also is a true patient advocate. Thank you Dr. Seckin for helping me get my my life back!


Anabela C.


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