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Agnes' Story

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for making a difficult operation into the best possible situation. My family was a little nervous about having 2 large intramural fibroids (6 and 8 cm) and a smaller one inside the cavity removed through laparoscopy instead of the traditional laparotomy. My husband and I were not because we had met with you. We were impressed by your confidence and track record and we were told by our RE that you were the best and only one he would recommend for such an operation.

Our insurance agreed that you were the only one who could do it too, and that is why they covered the operation fully even though you were out-of-network. My gynecologist was very impressed that you could do this bloodlessly with the use of a tourniquet (which he had never heard used in that context). I was a little worried about blood loss, as I was borderline anemic, but I ended up losing not one drop of blood!

The day of the surgery, I remember feeling safe and comfortable prior to the operation and regaining my faculties about an hour after I came out of the 2.5 hour operation. Although it was a little difficult making the effort to go home the same day, I am thankful that I could have this operation as an outpatient as I would much rather recover at home. My husband has told me that you also were very helpful to him after the operation in getting my prescription for the pain medications filled. Overall, I realize there must have been pain that same day of surgery, but somehow I can't remember it.

You saw me for the first time post-operative 5 days after the operation, and I was healing well. Maria was of great comfort and help throughout the whole process, so please also thank her for us. I now have the tiniest scar (0.25") on my stomach and the other ones are not visible. I can't even believe you were able to do what you did with 3 such little incisions! From the sonogram you did at our last visit, I can now know what a normal uterus shape looks like!

We are now ready to try and conceive. I know that this would not be happening without your intervention. Thank you so much for all you did. Please feel free to pass on my phone number to any prospective patients whom you believe may benefit from talking with me.

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