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Suffered from deep infiltrative endometriosis

I am a physician who suffered from deep infiltrative endometriosis. I needed laparoscopic surgery, so I went to see my former gynaecologist and he performed the procedure (a surgery which he supposedly does hundreds of times a year) last November. I had severe pain again when I had my period in January and was advised to go on taking a low hormone dose anticoncipient pill. My symptoms came back quickly and got worse in a few months’ time. I went to see Dr. Seckin in April, and ended up needing an emergency operation within the week. At that point, he had to save my life—literally—as my condition had become that dire. By that time, the endometriotic tissue in my pelvis was choking my right ureter, totally obstructing my right kidney, and putting me in a life-threatening situation with the possibility of loosing my right kidney. The endometriosis also grew on my bowels. Dr. Seckin had to dig down to my backbone and to the bottom of my pelvis, to cut out 4-5 huge endometriomas that were infiltrating that region, and could only be discovered by MRI. Dr. Seckin gave me photos and videos of the laparoscopic procedure. I was probably one of the worse endometriosis cases he had ever encountered. I’ve suffered through a lot of pain, and because of that, it took me two months to get my life back.

I’m writing this review to share my case with all the women who have endometriosis, and to encourage them to look for the best endometriosis specialist in the area, whether they’ve been diagnosed with the disease or suspect they have it, because you don’t want to end up with multiple operations and organ loss, as I nearly had. Dr. Seckin is the best on the East Coast. He established the Seckin Endometriosis Center with an office in Manhattan (I live in CT), and he’s the head of the Endometriosis Foundation of America. He has also written a book about endometriosis. But the most important aspect, from a medical point of view, is that he has patented technologies for the treatment of endometriosis that no one else has! E.g. with the help of a special dye, he can see the endometriotic tissue in the abdomen during the operation (which is otherwise very difficult to differentiate from the normal tissue) to make sure that he doesn’t leave any of the disease behind. One day they will just call it ”the Seckin method”. All my respect to Dr. Seckin and his team, especially Dr. Liu who also helped with my 5-6 hours long operation. Only Dr. Seckin had the specific knowledge to save my life in this very advanced case, and the professional power to call in a multidiscipline medical team in 1 days’ time to operate on me (a urologist for my kidney, and a colorectal surgeon for my bowels).

Doctors save lives, this is commonplace. But when it really happens to you, it will make you pause and think,”have I done anything wrong? I should have gone to the best endometriosis specialist in the first place!”

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