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Stage IV Endometriosis

Being a physician myself, I sought out the best when I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis. It did not matter that Dr. Seckin was in New York, as I could not find a more skilled endometriosis specialist in Maryland.

 He was very objective and honest when I had my first consultation. I felt confident in his skills and safe that I was in good hands because he was very passionate about this disease. In less than 8 weeks, I underwent surgical intervention for endometriosis with Dr. Seckin. Though I had severe disease, I was discharged from the hospital within 24 hours, which I attribute to his skills and experience.  He carefully went over the procedure with videos and pictures a week later.

I have since been able to return to work without any residual pain or discomfort since surgery. As you may be aware that physicians are usually the worst patients. I was however reassured by Dr. Seckin’s skills and experience. I could not have picked a more skilled surgeon and I am truly grateful.

 Eve A,

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