Shame, Dismissal, Agony:
Women With Endometriosis Speak Out

women with endometriosis, endometriosis shame, dismissal

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Endometriosis awareness month is in full swing, and we would like to give a big thank you to NBC for having us and highlighting the millions of women who are suffering from the pain and agony caused by endometriosis. Too many endometriosis cases are aggressively treated with unnecessary hysterectomies, by doctors who are not properly trained in such techniques as excision surgery, the “gold standard” for surgical removal of endometriosis. It is hard not to shed tears when you see these women. The first step to ensure that surgeons are properly taught in treating endometriosis is through raising awareness. We applaud the thousands of women and men working to stress this importance, as well as the continued education in the field of endometriosis.

Source: Shame, Dismissal, Agony: Women With Endometriosis Speak Out | NBC Bay Area

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