Severe stage 4 endometriosis involving my ovaries and bowel

It’s been almost eight months since I had my surgery with Dr Seckin and his team for severe stage 4 endometriosis involving both ovaries and my bowel. I went to five different well known doctors in London (where I live) who all told me that my case was very severe and that they could remove some of the endometriosis but not all (to preserve fertility), or that they wouldn’t operate on me at all, or that I might end up needing a stoma indefinitely. Some even mentioned taking menopause drugs in lieu of surgery. I happened to come across Dr Seckin’s book, and after reading it was determined to see him. His attitude and outlook was extremely positive, and completely different to any other doctor that I’d been to; it restored my confidence immensely. I can truly say he is one of the most gifted surgeons I have ever met, and he really did a marvellous job with my surgery. My scanner, who is very well regarded in London said he has yet to see a surgery as close to perfect as mine was, given how severe and extensive my disease was; and he has seen many. Dr Seckin and his team have completely restored my anatomy and given me the best possible outcome for my fertility. Furthermore, his compassion and care has been terrific and straight after surgery he followed up with me consistently. Dr Goldstein has been amazing with my follow ups, monitoring my blood levels, and all the advice she has given me, and continues to give me. They truly are a wonderful team, I couldn’t have asked for better doctors and am extremely grateful to them. I wish they lived in London! 






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