Patents, inventions, and trademarks in laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis

There are a number of aspects that make our endometriosis surgeries both effective and world renowned, but perhaps one of the clearest ways in which this is demonstrated is in the number of trademarks we have made in the field of laparoscopic . Having been founded by a surgeon who trained under Dr. Harry Reich, the first surgeon to perform a laparoscopic hysterectomy and pioneer in the field of laparoscopic surgery, we at SEC pride ourselves on finding highly effective and innovative techniques when it comes to surgically treating endometriosis. This includes several patents that help surgeons better identify endometriosis lesions, while at the same time decrease a patient’s risk for surgical trauma and lower the time it takes to recover.

Seckin Aqua Blue Excision (SABE) Technique

Our unique and pioneering Seckin Aqua Blue Excision (SABE) technique
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Our unique and pioneering Seckin Aqua Blue Excision (SABE) technique has been officially recognized by the US patent and trademark office. Applied to over 600 patients for recognition of early endometriosis lesions, this technique makes subtle endometriosis lesions more visible to the surgeon's eye by use of an aqua blue contrast, hence why we also call it the Aqua Blue Contrast (ABC) technique. By making smaller incisions into the peritoneum and then injecting this contrast underneath the peritoneum itself (the lining of the abdominal cavity), endometriosis lesions become identifiable to the naked eye. This technique is simple enough to perform by all laparoscopic surgeons in order to identify lesions that are otherwise would be invisible with regular laparoscopic direct light. By eliminating light reflection, yellow and red bands and more significantly creating retroperitoneal contrast, the Seckin Aqua Blue Contrast (ABC) Technique aims to assist surgeons to visualize, and therefore more easily identify and excise, endometriosis lesions completely.



Surgical Endobag and Method of Application

Peritoneum being filled with patented Aqua Blue Contrast.
Peritoneum being filled with patented Aqua Blue Contrast.

Another one of our patented inventions, this is apparatus transports body tissue through the transvaginal-transdouglas route during a pelvic or peritoneal surgery. The device comprises of a thin rod with a bag portion at the end, which is placed inside the body of the patient and adapts in order to collect body tissue that is to be removed out of the body. This is done as the bag portion has an opening for tissue removal. Ultimately, this device allows us to easily remove multiple or larger excised specimens out of the body during laparoscopic surgery. It also protects the operating environment inside the human body, including surrounding organs such as the rectum, while maintaining and not distorting any incisions made during surgery.

Surgical Method and Apparatus

On top of such instruments as the endobag, our surgical method and apparatus itself our patented when it comes to pelvic and peritoneal surgery. This apparatus for use in connection with an endoscopic surgery comprises of an elongated instrument body that is adaptable and placed at least partially in the vagina of a female patient. The instrument then partially passes through the wall of the vagina such that the end portion of said elongated element is introduced into the rectouterine pouch. The elongated body also has an attachment at the very least, for means of accommodating a part of the surgical instrument comprising of an end portion adapted to be received inside the vagina. Thus the surgical instrument and the apparatus rely on one another to move and operate. An endobag having an elongated port is then provided through the vagina and into the pelvis.

sterile equipment, with each instrument being carefully picked by your surgeon
All of our surgeries are done meticulously with precise, sterile equipment, with each instrument being carefully picked by your surgeon.

It should also be noted that this elongated end portion of the surgical instrument is provided in the cavity of the uterus through the vagina of a female patient such that the uterus can be repositioned by manipulating the surgical instrument. An incision is then performed on the vaginal wall for accessing to the rectouterine pouch. A flexible element is provided in pelvis wherein the flexible element is looped around the uterus such that the flexible element encircles the uterus. Overall, this technique provides a number of advantages when it comes to laparoscopic surgery, which includes allowing secure incision sites and protecting the operation environment and surrounding anatomy and organs such as the rectum. All of this is done while at the same time substantially minimizing any surgical trauma to the patient and reducing their possible healing time.

Seeing a surgery center that prides itself on innovation can be a telling sign of their experience in the field of laparoscopic surgery. However, this should never come at the sacrifice of the patient’s comfort, chances of symptom relief and overall quality of surgery. Remember, no device can make up for the skill and experience of a highly knowledgeable laparoscopic surgeon. Here at SEC, we pride ourselves on finding that healthy medium of innovation and personalized care. We ensure all of our patients that between our carefully designed surgeries and a positive doctor to patient relationship, our techniques give each individual woman their greatest chance of symptom relief for their particular case of endometriosis. The first step though always begins with an open forum of communication.

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