New Local Patient (New York) Instructions:

How to schedule a new patient office visit with Dr.Seckin.

If you are an out of area patient, please use the Out of Area and Out of State New Patient Instructions.

The first step on your road to the recovery of your health is a new-patient office visit with Dr.Seckin.

To schedule a new patient appointment, contact our Park East Office either by
Internet – compete and submit the Request Surgical Consult Form, and then we will call you within 48 hours (in the unlikely event you do not hear from her, the form may not have gone through; in that case, please call).

Call us, at 212-988-1444.
We will schedule your new patient appointment and answer any questions you have about the practice, Dr.Seckin, or your situation as it pertains to the practice.
Complete and return the New Patient Health History Questionaire and Registration Page.

Health History Questionaire >
Online Registration Form >
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Our office is located on 5th Ave and 68th NY, NY.
You may call us at 212-988-1444 or have your case reviewed by clicking here.

Review My Case


Have your doctor send us a copy of your previous medical records, especially your previous operative reports, and color copies of any photos from any surgeries performed. Download the NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES, fill it out, sign it and send it along with your current and previous medical records. Your doctors will send a copy of your medical records directly to us. Government regulations require that they have a completed and signed Medical Release Form to send us a copy of your medical records. We need to have your previous medical records back at Park East office one week prior to your appointment with Dr.Seckin if you would like to have them reviewed prior to your office visit.
The new patient office visit with Dr.Seckin usually takes an hour to an hour and a half, depending upon the complexity of your situation. Your significant other is welcome to come with you to the consult, especially if you have a complex medical condition. During this time Dr.Seckin will review your history, perform a physical examination (usually a pelvic ultrasound [sonogram]), and discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan. You are encouraged to bring a written list of questions you would like answered. Please arrive 20 minutes early for this visit, and plan being here (from check-in to check-out) for about 2 hours.

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