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New Local Patient (New York) Instructions:

by | Posted on November 10, 2019

How to Schedule an Office Visit with Dr. Seckin:

Please review the instructions below if you live in the state of New York or the tri-state area. 

1. Book a Consultation 

  • Over the phone: Call our office to speak with one of our New Patient Coordinators. You may contact us at (646) 960-3080

  • Review My Case: Please submit an inquiry through our online platform and we will review your case details. A New Patient Coordinator will call you within 24 hours of your initial inquiry to help you schedule an office visit. To have your case reviewed by an SEC physician click here.

2. Complete our health history Questionnaire

  • We will send you an online health history questionnaire form. Please complete this form before your visit or arrive 30 minutes early to complete it in-office.

3. Send us your medical records. 

  • Recent imaging (MRI of the pelvis, ultrasounds)
  • Surgical OR reports, including pathology and pictures from the procedure
  • Medication list 

Please note, if you are not in possession of your records, you may ask your primary care physician to send us the aforementioned documents. Government regulations require patients to complete a Medical Release Form before their doctor can forward medical records to another physician. Please submit a completed Medical Release Form PDF to your doctor and your medical records will be sent directly to us.


If you are an out-of-area patient, please follow the Out of Area and Out of State New Patient Instructions.



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