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I am finally pain-free!

by | Posted on September 10, 2019

Dr. Seckin is truly extraordinary. I have always been very careful about allowing medical procedures on my body, opting instead to practice healthy lifestyle habits to manage any pain without drugs or anything invasive. That said, I have suffered from crippling period pain for a long time, each year getting progressively worse. Finally the pain became unbearable and I elected to have surgery. I had a poor experience with anotherphysician who didn't solve anything, which sent me running back to my "no medical help" camp. I worried I was on my own until I discovered the Seckin Endometriosis Center. For the first time I felt I could trust someone to help me and I was not disappointed.

After meeting with Dr. Seckin and listening to his assessment of my condition, I elected to have a partial hysterectomy along with the removal of any endometriosis. The surgery was quick and clean due to the skill of Dr. Seckin and Dr. Liu. I was impressed that even though I ended up having an appendectomy, in addition to the hysterectomy and endometrial lesion removal, I was able to comfortably discharge from the hospital the day of surgery because the surgery went so well. I needed minimal pain medication for a day afterward and then was able to heal without the need of any pain medication thereafter. Over a month out, I have minimal scarring, feel great, and am basically back to normal -- only now it is a much much better "normal." I am finally pain-free! The surgery was worth every penny and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have had my life improve so dramatically. I found everyone most helpful and kind throughout the entire experience, from the attentive ladies who run the office, to Dr. Liu and of course, Dr. Seckin. A world of thanks Dr. Seckin for your incredible expertise in this field and for creating an excellent treatment center where you make such a difference in women's lives.



Great Falls,MT

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