Finding the Right Surgeon for My Adenomyosis

Finding the Right Surgeon for My Adenomyosis


In my mid-twenties, I had two surgeries to remove reoccurring fallopian tube cysts and my ovaries were drilled to help manage PCOS. During my second surgery, the doctor also discovered and removed some endometriosis. After that I had no further incidents or problems, and for the next decade I was doing pretty well. 


Then about two years ago, the symptoms kicked in: stabbing pelvic pain, backaches, perpetual bloating, joint aches and days of excessive fatigue. At first I thought it was another cyst, but a sonogram revealed I was in the clear. Still, month after month, from ovulation through menstruation, my symptoms persisted. I spent a year working on my health - yoga, health foods, diary elimination, herbs, Maya abdominal massage and acupuncture. While it all helped relieve my pain and symptoms, it did not eliminate the treacherous cycle and living with it became life debilitating and yes, also pretty depressing.

My acupuncturist suggested that my issues sounded like endometriosis and then said to me, “Surgery is really the only thing that you can do to get rid of it if you have it. And if you opt for surgery, go find a really good surgeon.” Given my past medical history, I agreed with her advice.


I had read about Dr. Seckin, but was hesitant because of the cost. I went to a few doctors but then decided to just bite the bullet and go see him. At first he wasn’t convinced my case was that bad, because I didn’t demonstrate the regular symptoms of severe endometriosis. I told him I had been to a gastroenterologist and everything came up clear, and that I was in severe pain. After an exam, he saw that my pelvic area was very tender and tight, so he agreed to examine my case further and ordered an MRI (the first doctor to do so). It was discovered that, endometriosis aside, I had focal adenomyosis… When he told me this, my mind raced and my heart sank, “Oh s*#t… most women need a hysterectomy for that… will I need a hysterectomy?” He told me that while that is usually what needs to be done, in my case he would be able to remove the mass and I would be able to keep my uterus. I decided he was the best doctor to move forward with, since his diagnostic skills were so detailed and thorough and he was confident the surgery would be successful.


Fast forward to surgery - Dr. Seckin removed scar tissue from prior surgeries, some endometriosis on my ovaries, but found a majority of my issues were stemming from multiple adnenomoysis lesions, as well as the focal adnenomoysis. He was able to skillfully remove the whole adnenomoysis mass from inside my uterine wall, and, as promised, my uterus was left fully intact. Surgery success!


The healing process went well, with the exception of severe back pain three weeks post surgery; I couldn’t sit for more than ten minutes without having to get up and move around. After trips to an acupuncturist, chiropractor and medical masseur, they recommended joining a gym to rebuild my core. Because there were incisions made in my pelvis and abdomen, apparently those areas were a bit shaken up, and I ended up working with a trainer to ‘get that area’ working again. Once it was re-activated, my back pain went away.


It’s been eight months since my surgery, and my cycles and periods have drastically improved. While I can not claim I am 100% pain free from cycle to cycle, the pain has improved about 85 - 90%, - I barely even need to take an Aleve - and the symptoms I suffered prior are pretty much a distant memory, so much so I actually forgot how bad they used to be.


During my last check-up with Dr. Seckin, everything looked clear. I continue to do yoga, keep my stress levels in check and eat well. I feel that between that and check-ins with Dr. Seckin, the issues of the past will never recur again and if they do, I will be in highly capable hands.


I am utterly grateful that I made that first appointment to go see him. And even more grateful that he is a highly proficient surgeon who continues to practice with passion and dedication to his patients.


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  • Kim Molinaro

    Kim Molinaro

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  • Monique Roberts

    Monique Roberts

    I'll never stop praising Dr. Seckin and his team. He literally gave me back my life.

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    Erin Brehm

    I had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Seckin and his team before, during and after my surgery. I came to Dr. Seckin having already had laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis 5 years prior, with a different surgeon. My symptoms and pain had returned, making my life truly challenging and my menstrual cycle unbearable. Dr. Seckin was quick to validate my…

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