Research and other news

Research and other news

endofound medical conferenceApril 5, 2010
April is here. Spring is in bloom! And so are a bunch of endometriosis news reports and initiatives of interest, Dr. Seckin tells me, . . .

Trans Fats May Promote Endometriosis

What Every Woman Should Know about Endometriosis
This news comes from expert Camran Nezhat, MD, Dr. Seckin's colleague and a Medical Advisory Boardmember on his Endometriosis Foundation of America

Strong Period Pain and Excess Weight in Childhood Increases Risk of Endometriosis

Origin of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women Can Be Elusive


Second Annual Blossom Ball Fundraiser, for the Endometriosis Foundation of America
On May 20, 2010, at New York Public Library in the heart of Manhattan, Dr. Seckin and his cofounder Padma Lakshmi will host the Endometriosis Foundation of America's major fundraising event, the Second Annual Blossom Ball (link), an evening complete with a silent auction and expected celebrity guests. The EFA, among numerous goals, intends to increase general public awareness about endometriosis, promote early intervention through dialogue with and education of medical professionals and offer a grant for research into the cause of endometriosis. You can help the Foundation spread the word about and seek increased endometriosis research by sending your tax-deductible donations to the EFA here (link).

In addition, show your support of the Endometriosis Foundation of America: Display on your site its Blossom Ball supporter icon at

EFA to Present a Landmark Endometriosis Symposium
Dr. Seckin's Endometriosis Foundation of America will present a landmark endometriosis symposium at the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences in Manhattan, on May 20, 2010. This pioneering, professional forum is open to the public (registration fee required). Here's a news story about the upcoming event:

EFA's New Facebook Page Is Seeking Fans
Become a fan of Dr. Seckin's Endometriosis Foundation of America Facebook page today

Cofounder Padma Lakshmi Creates Several Initiatives to Benefit the Endometriosis
Foundation of America

YouTube Video
The actress, author and Emmy-nominated Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, in addition to being the cofounder of Dr. Seckin's Endometriosis Foundation of America, now stars in an endometriosis awareness video on the EFA's new, YouTube channel (link)

What's more, Padma Lakshmi's endometriosis awareness video was made a "Nonprofits & Activism" Spotlight feature on YouTube

Padma's video's been viewed over 32,000 times so far: Please check it out and via Facebook and Twitter spread the word about this endometriosis awareness effort!

Inner Beauty
padma lakshimiPadma Lakshmi has also just announced her partnership with Dial to promote its new, nationally available "NutriSkin Body Wash" soap brand and support the Endometriosis Foundation of America. For each consumer who logs on to, Dial will donate $1 to the EFA.

Now that's inner beauty! So, please show your own by via Facebook and Twitter spreading the word about this endometriosis support effort.


Blossoms for a Cause
Cofounder Padma Lakshmi has designed from her jewelry line special-edition Jasmine Flower earrings, 20 percent of the sale proceeds of which will benefit Padma and Dr. Seckin's Endometriosis Foundation of America. The nonprofit Foundation will hold its next, annual, Blossom Ball fundraiser, May 20, 2010, at the New York Public Library.

Please via Facebook and Twitter help spread the word about this endometriosis support effort.


Spit for Endometriosis?
Your saliva may help discover better treatments for endometriosis: Please spit for endometriosis! Learn more about this new endometriosis-research study that you can join here

Endometriosis Awareness--Your Turn: Breaking the Silence with Your Personal Stories
Every March, Endometriosis Awareness Month is observed around the world. But Dr. Seckin, his Endometriosis Foundation of America, I myself and so many others intend to keep raising awareness about the illness--every day.

Increased awareness about this painful, debilitating disease that strikes about 176 million women and adolescent girls around the world is critical. The earlier endometriosis is treated (ideally with surgery that removes all the disease), the better, Dr. Seckin says. But awareness about the health condition comes first. That's why in March the EFA established on its Facebook page a new, public "Share Your Story" archive page
(link) where women may share their personal endometriosis stories, anonymously if they wish. We need to keep putting a face on endometriosis. It lives in silence.

As Dr. Seckin says, the Foundation hopes to gather as many endometriosis patient stories as possible and potentially include them in public testimony that the EFA plans to make before Congress. The Foundation hopes to create a compelling record that will inspire government investment in research to create better awareness, diagnosis and treatment for what Dr. Seckin considers to be an unnecessary, "silent epidemic."

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