Endometriosis 2013: American Perspective

Endometriosis 2013: American Perspective

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Advancing the Science and Surgery of  Endometriosis 2013

Einhorn Auditorium at
Lenox Hill Hospital
 Speakers & Faculty

131 E. 76th Street | between Park & Lex
New York City

Honorary Chairs
Dan Martin, MD
Serdar Bulun, MD

Program Chair
Tamer Seckin, MD | Founder EFA

Scientific Program Chairs
Harry Reich, MD
CY Liu, MD

  • Arnold Advincula MD
  • Arnold Wilson PhD
  • Avner Hershlag MD
  • Ayse Ayhan MD, PhD
  • Charles Miller MD
  • Cy Liu MD
  • Dan Martin MD
  • David Adamson, MD
  • David Keefe MD
  • David Levine MD
  • Donna Kesselman MD
  • Franklin Loffer MD
  • Harry Reich MD
  • Heather Guidone
  • Iris Orbuch MD
  • Jamie Grifo MD. PhD.
  • Jamie Knopman MD
  • Jon Einarsson MD
  • Kathy Huang MD
  • Keith Isaacson MS
  • Ken R.Sinervo MD
  • Linda Griffith PhD
  • Lone Hummelshoj
  • Maurice Chung R.Ph. MD
  • Mauricio Abrao, MD
  • Michael Lewis MD
  • Neena Agarwala MD
  • Rebecca Chodroff MD
  • Rosanne Kho MD
  • Samuel Levin MD
  • Serdar Bulun MD
  • Stacey A. Missmer ScD
  • Tamer Seckin MD
  • Ted Lee MD
  • Tomar Singer MD
  • Victor Gomel MD


Future Fertility of Women with Endometriosis

The Patient Outreach Program will focus on the overall quality of life issues for women with endometriosis and fertility problems.

The morning session will feature reproductive specialists and excision surgeons who will discuss preserving fertility by egg freezing and egg banking as a rational option for women who are diagnosed with endometriosis. They will also discuss the importance of timely surgical intervention for preserving the ovaries.

Quality of Life with Endometriosis

The afternoon session will include education and awareness on all aspects of endometriosis including discussion of symptoms that disrupt everyday life including pelvic pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, problems sleeping, painful sex and dietary issues. Additional topics will include; avoiding pain medication dependence, understanding the psychology of pain, the surgical options, natural remedies, hormone replacement and tips for seeking the best help.

Future Fertility of Women with EndometriosisBoth sessions to be followed by an expert panel discussion and a Q & A.

Lunch will be served for participants.
Open to the public. Press invited.
Free of charge. Seating is limited and pre-registration is required.

SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2013

Improving Your Endometriosis Surgery

Learn to Excise Peritoneum and Deep Nodules, Reconstruct and Repair Bowel, Ureter, and Bladder.

This is first ever meeting exclusively covering endometriosis excision surgery as a postgraduate course for improving skills. Endometriosis surgery in early stages of the disease can be as challenging as advanced stage surgeries because in the early stages there is often partial and improper treatment of the disease. This leads to a need for repeated interventions.

Endometriosis surgery is unlike any diagnostic infertility procedure or oncologic surgery. It requires meticulous surgical skills with experience to precisely remove all lesions, and it's generally a long surgery. Guided by microsurgical principles, delicate tissue is excised using scrupulous hemostatic techniques under magnification.

Improving Your Endometriosis SurgeryIn the afternoon there will be a hands-on suturing lab with didactics and practice with faculty.

Lunch will be served for participants.
Postgraduate course is open to physicians, surgeons, residents and fellows
$100 Pre-registration required.

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013

American Perspective on Endometriosis 2013

The last three years the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) has successfully addressed three major chapters in endometriosis care beginning with "Stem Cells to Excision Surgery" in 2010, "Sex and Endometriosis, Seriously" in 2011, and "Endometriosis, The Next Generation" in 2012. Now, we are prepared to open an honest dialogue on the "American Perspective" -- examining where the American healthcare system currently stands on treating women with endometriosis and looking at opportunities to make it better.

How can we implement curriculum changes from high school to medical school?
How can we prevent the delay of diagnosis? How can we offer the best treatment?
How do we get American's to recognize endometriosis as a disease rather than a condition? How can we prevent "miss & hit" surgeries?

World renowned experts and master surgeons, together with scientists, will discuss their thoughts on these and many more questions.

American Perspective on Endometriosis 2013Keynote Speakers:
Dan Martin, MD "Recognition of Endometriosis - Historical and Current Concepts."
Serdar Bulun, MD "Endometriosis Research: from Sampson to the 21st Century"

For General Information, Please Contact
[email protected]
(201) 941-6064

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