Correct Treatment of Endometriosis - Tamer Seckin, MD

Q: Dr. Seckin could you tell us a little bit more about your vision with regard to the Women’s Center of Excellence?

A:  Well, Center of Excellence is a relative term when it applies to endometriosis. We have a really challenging disease, so it has never been done anywhere before. So we are defining what determines the excellence in endometriosis care. Number one, endometriosis is a complex disease, controversial disease and usually the treatment do help, good surgical treatment. However, most patients do need further care with their pain, with their diet, with alternative management of their symptomatology. These patients are usually battered for many, many years. It is unrealistic to expect a 3-4 hour surgery to reverse events for them and then they would be completely normal. Some patients do have second surgery or third surgery. Some patients need rectal surgeon, urology specialist and complex very long surgery. That’s why the excellence is something we look forward and we like to pursue excellence, but it is somewhat not well defined yet. But we will form a group, multispecialty group that will pursue excellence in endometriosis care. Thank you.