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All symptoms returned with more pain within the flank area.

I am beyond grateful for the care Dr. Seckin had for my daughter Kristina. I myself could not imagine my daughter would be suffering from painful periods, headaches and nausea now diagnosed as Endometriosis. Other doctors put her on birth control pills; one doctor actually told her to suck it up. She switched doctors and found one that wanted to do surgery (laparoscopic). Kristina had the surgery but continued to feel pain. All symptoms returned with more pain within the flank area. She begged for help feeling hopeless. As a parent and a person who also suffered all my life with painful periods, I went on to search on my own for an Endometriosis specialist not really knowing there was one. I checked thoroughly and found so much talk of a Dr. Seckin. All these testimonials, the co-founder and medical director of the Endometriosis Foundation of America with 30 years of experience, Board Certified Gynecologist… the list goes on. We had to see Dr. Seckin as soon as possible. He was the doctor we needed all along. Dr. Seckin was bust when we called but calls were returned, as promised by his wonderful staff, Lucy and nurse Kim. MRI was scheduled showing more than Endometriosis. Dr. Seckin magically had my daughter see a urologist, because of kidney issues, the same day. The urologist sent Kristina to the hospital for surgery. At the same time, Dr. Seckin performed the Laparoscopic procedure to remove lesions due to endometriosis. The rest is history.  Amazing how quickly she recovered from the aches and pain. Dr. Seckin is a true blessing who brought back a smile to my daughter Kristina’s face.

Sincere thanks.


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