Costs and Insurance Coverage

Costs and Insurance Coverage

Our practice is insurance friendly and your financial situation should not be an issue in receiving the treatment that you need to eliminate the disease. Our fees for treatment vary greatly from a consultation and examination for a diagnosis or second opinion to laparoscopic surgery and complete removal of the Endometriosis. Fees for surgery cannot be determined until the doctor actually sees the extent of Endometriosis and can assess what is involved with its complete removal.  

While Dr. Seckin is not a member of any insurance network, this does not mean that all or part of your surgery would not be covered. Once you have a diagnosis, you should discuss your condition with your insurance carrier to determine how much of your treatment plan will be covered under your policy, especially if you need pre-certification before surgery or have a deductible that needs to be met. Dr. Seckin’s staff will assist you in dealing with your insurance company and with the paperwork necessary to file a claim.  

If you do not have any insurance coverage or cannot afford to pay for your treatment, there are a number of ways to obtain financing or medical loans to cover the costs. Please speak to Dr. Seckin about your situation and his office will put you in touch with an appropriate lender.


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