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Dr. Tamer Seckin has focused on the surgical treatment of endometriosis for decades and is a well-regarded expert in the field. His New York City based practice is known for its warm, dedicated and continuous patient care, exceptional skill and thoroughness.

Alongside endometriosis, Dr. Seckin also treats endometriosis-associated conditions, such as fibroids and adhesions. He performs conservative surgery without resorting to ovary removal or hysterectomies. Dr. Seckin's goal is to provide the best care possible to all his patients. He treats each patient with respect and dignity.

We know your life is busy and therefore try to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our aim is to put you at ease whenever you are in our care. From your very first appointment, Dr. Seckin and his staff will consistently work hard to minimize your waiting time and get you the care and attention that you need. 

Dr. Seckin is an avid listener and can provide context and insight into your pain. He understands that patients seek answers and solutions to their pain and he believes in understanding the unique aspects of each of his patients' issues. He explains medical conditions and available treatment options in terms that a patient can understand. Most importantly, he makes time to answer your questions and be certain that you are completely satisfied with the care that he provides.

Over the course of your work with Dr. Seckin, he will ensure that you cared for from evaluation to post-surgery recovery. Your care does not arbitrarily end just because your surgery is complete. His goal is to bring an end to pain and a return to a healthy and happy life. As such, he endeavors to help patients in every possible way. 

As a leading endometriosis specialist and laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Seckin understands the frustration that affected individuals may feel. Most endometriosis sufferers have gone from doctor to doctor in search of answers and relief from pain and other, related complications, with unsuccessful results. But because of his unique, specialized training and skill, Dr. Seckin is able to effectively diagnose, manage and treat endometriosis in ways most other specialists are not.

We believe that early diagnosis of endometriosis is the best prevention. Dr. Seckin's treatment approach is the gold standard--Advanced Laparoscopic Excision Surgery (deep removal of all the disease). He performs almost scar-free surgery, which means less pain and cosmetically acceptable results. Most surgery patients are able to leave the hospital the same day. 

Dr. Seckin takes pride in how he and his staff deliver excellent care with a personal touch. Come visit the office today and take the first towards a pain-free future. 

Our office is located on 5th Ave and 68th NY, NY.
You may call us at 212-988-1444 or have your case reviewed by clicking here.

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How to schedule a new patient office visit with Dr.Seckin. If you are an out of area patient, please use the Out of Area and Out of State New Patient Instructions. The first step on your road to the recovery of your health is a new-patient office visit with Dr.Seckin. To schedule a new patient appointment, contact our Park East Office either byInternet – compete and submit the Request Surgical Consult Form, and then we will call you within 48 hours (in the unlikely event you do not hear from her, the form may not have gone through;…

Costs and Insurance Coverage

Costs and Insurance Coverage Our practice is insurance friendly and your financial situation should not be an issue in receiving the treatment that you need to eliminate the disease. Our fees for treatment vary greatly from a consultation and examination for a diagnosis or second opinion to laparoscopic surgery and complete removal of the Endometriosis. Fees for surgery cannot be determined until the doctor actually sees the extent of Endometriosis and can assess what is involved with its complete removal.   While Dr. Seckin is not a member of any insurance network, this does not mean that all or part…

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The following registration form is for new records review and evaluation cases only. Please do not register if you are an existing Dr.Seckin's patient (current or any year prior) or have (or plan to schedule) an in-office appointment. If you are an existing DrSeckin's patient (from any year) in need of assistance, again, please do not register.Please call us at {phone} and we'll be delighted to help you. If you were looking to book an in-office appointment (fees apply), please note appointments are not made online. Call us at {phone} and our staff will be delighted to book you and…

Out of Area and Out of State Patients

How to schedule a surgical phone consult with Dr. Seckin(These instructions are for out of area and out of state new patients only. If you are a patient who lives in New York Area, please use the Local New Patient Instructions.) This section outlines the steps needed for out of area patients traveling to New York to receive treatment from Dr. Seckin. If you are interested in exploring this possibility further, follow the steps outlined below. At Park East, we understand that traveling a long distance to have surgery with a doctor that you have not previously met can…