•, The doctor will see you now
    The doctor will see you now
    Recognizing and Treating Endometriosis
    The Doctor Will See You Now is written at a level that everyone
    with ties to this disease can relate to and understand,
    but it is also written for doctors with good intentions who lack the
    knowledge of how to diagnose or treat it.
    Proceeds of this book sale will go to Endometriosis Foundation of America

Welcome to Our Practice! Center for deep-excision surgery for endometriosis with personalized care. Our world renowned tertiary referral center is focused on providing women with a conservative and definitive treatment for all their endometriosis needs. Whether it is infiltration of the peritoneum or severe invasive bowel endometriosis, we look to examine each patient on a case by case basis in order to ensure they receive the personal care that they deserve.

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What is Endometriosis?


Endometriosis is a female disease in which the tissues of menstruation causing inflammation are found elsewhere in the body outside the uterus. It is associated with monthly menstrual cycles and is characterized by pelvic pain, heavy periods, prolonged bleeding, severe cramps, and pain with sex (dyspareunia).
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Endometriosis Surgery

endometriosis excision surgery, endometriosis surgery

Endometriosis Excision Surgery, also, known as Laparoscopic Deep-Excision Surgery, is the gold standard of endometriosis treatment and is the most effective surgical means of treating endometriosis because it offers the longest symptomatic relief.

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Adenomyosis is endometriosis strictly in the uterus. It causes the endometrial tissue of the uterus endometrial cavity to grow into the uterus muscle damaging the uterine wall. It is similar to endometriosis, except with with endometriosis the tissue grows outside of the uterus.
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Fibroids are benign tumors (non-cancerous) that grow from muscle layers of the uterus. They can grow on the outside, inside or within the smooth muscle of the uterine wall.
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Dr.Tamer Seckin

Dr. Tamer Seckin is a board-certified, advanced Laparoendoscopic Surgeon who specializes in the removal of endometriosis. Dr. Seckin is one of the few accredited gynecologic surgeons in the United States…
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Endometriosis foundation of america rose project
Endometriosis foundation of america rose project
Endometriosis foundation of america rose project
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Dr. Tamer Seckin has focused on the surgical treatment of endometriosis for decades and today is a well-regarded expert in the field. His New York City based practice is known for its warm, dedicated and continuous patient care, exceptional skill and thoroughness.
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